Business Transformation for Hyperscale

We are a US consulting firm helping organizations align people, processes, and technology to attain sustainable growth

How are we different?
  • Lead team has 60 years of combined  IT experience
  • 25% executive/management time on each engagement
What’s it like to
work with us?
  • Time and cost-efficient with no surprises
  • Friendly, collaborative, and non-traditional
  • Pre-assessment guidance
  • Match the solution to your business – not cookie-cutter
Are we right for you?
Our successful relationships have this in common
  • They embrace the strategic aspects of Automation and Secure Software Development because they believe it drives speed to market and profitable growth
  • They commit to and support the process with adequate time and resources.
  • They seek value from us as they do in every aspect of their business
  • They want a consultative relationship to help them prepare for the future



Security excellence

Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization and are backed by extensive research.

Web application
Mobile application
Code review
Social engineering

Data and Analytics

Experimentation at scale

Make faster data-driven decisions, innovate, and mitigate risk via Hypothesis generation, Design of experiments, Large-scale deployment, Data collection and analysis, and Iterative improvements.


Security first
development centre

Streamline your software delivery with DevOps as a Service : Expertise, automation, and scalability at your fingertips